All orders must be placed in writing and accompanied by a 50% deposit, unless otherwise agreed and subject to the availability of equipment at the time of receipt of the order.


The prices of our products are indicated in euros and are indicated with all taxes included, including transport, setting up, assembly and dismantling (if the place of the event is located less than 30km from the center of Paris), for the duration of use provided for in the estimate, according to the tariff in force (any use exceeding this duration will be the subject of special agreements and additional invoicing).

Mabei Event reserves the right to modify its prices at any time.


Unless otherwise agreed between the parties, the tenant must pay a deposit of 50% to Mabei Event within three 3 days after quotation is issued. If the deposit is not paid by then, we may make the rented equipment available again for public rental.

The balance can be paid up to one week before the event.

The tenant's refusal to pay the balance may result in the cancellation of your order by Mabei Event.

We cannot confirm delivery of the equipment until the rental charges have been paid in full.

Payment of the deposit will constitute acceptance of the terms and conditions contained in this agreement.

In the event that the Mabei Event equipment rental order is within seven days prior to the date of the event, the order must be paid in full, within 24 hours of the issuance of the quote.

Additional charges may apply if:

The resumption of the material is carried out between 00:00 and 6:00 in the morning.

The place of the event is located more than 30km from the center of Paris.

The place does not have an elevator and the material must be carried on several floors.

This will be added to your booking confirmation. The prices displayed relate ONLY to equipment rental services.


The tenant must make a deposit by bank imprint or by check, which will amount to 3x the amount of the estimate (eg: The order amounts to 250€, the deposit will be 750€).

The security deposit must be given upon delivery or collection of the material, and will be returned at the end of the event or upon return of the material.

 If any of the Equipment requires repair or replacement as a result of Lessee's use of the Equipment, Lessee shall bear the full cost of such repair or replacement. All repairs carried out by Mabei Event will be invoiced to the tenant and deducted from the deposit.


In the event of unavailability of a product after placing your order, we will notify you by email or telephone. Your order will be automatically canceled and you will be immediately refunded if your bank account has been debited.


In case of cancellation of your order, the deposit paid cannot be returned. You can use a valid credit without time limit, for a future event. 


The price will be applied for delivery and collection according to the scale in force. Any handling not provided for in the initial quote will be subject to additional invoicing.

Renter must ensure that measurements of equipment provided by Mabei Event are appropriate for the event space, including ceiling heights, doorways and stair access. If any of the equipment is not suitable, Mabei Event may refuse delivery.

The schedules for delivery and return of the equipment are imperative and any delay on the part of the customer during the delivery, installation or recovery of the equipment leading to a modification of the delivery schedule of Mabei Event will be invoiced.

For collections carried out by the customers themselves or their employees on our premises, it is imperative that the handling and transport be carried out with a suitable vehicle, with protections and straps if necessary. Otherwise, Mabei Event reserves the right to refuse the departure of the furniture and will notify the ordering customer who will have to take the appropriate measures.


Mabei Event will not be responsible for any inconvenience, loss or damage suffered by the renter, due to any accident, theft or damage to the equipment.

Renter shall not be entitled to any refund under this Agreement where the Equipment becomes unavailable for use due to theft which occurs to the Equipment, or to Equipment damaged, during the Rental Period.

The hirer will be liable to pay Mabei Event, the rental fee for the period that the equipment is not available for rental due to damage, accident or theft incident, which has been caused by the carelessness and / or negligence of the tenant.

Damaged equipment will be invoiced at the cost of restoration if the latter is less than the value of the security deposit.